Vehicle Gas Monitoring System Ngvg3

Austdac Vehicle Gas Monitoring System NGVG3


The Austdac vehicle gas monitoring and shutdown system type NGVG3 provides a compact self contained solution for gas monitoring and shutdown of diesel powered vehicles in underground coalmines.

The NGVG3 operates from an internal rechargeable battery and provides all power for the system including the gas sensor and pneumatic solenoid engine shutdown valve. The internal battery is charged from the existing host vehicle alternator.

The gas level reading is provided in the form of a LED colour bar graph. This bar graph indicates low-level gas concentrations with green, indicating the driver may proceed. The bar graph changes to yellow to indicate warning levels have been exceeded and finally red to indicate dangerous gas level concentrations and vehicle shutdown.

A second bar graph is provided to indicate the internal battery condition, green indicating plenty of battery capacity, yellow indicating low battery capacity and a need to charge the battery and finally red indicating insufficient battery capacity to support the gas monitoring system.

Further LED indicators provide information on system status, alternator power, battery charging and ‘OK to start’.

When the vehicle is parked and unused the NGVG3 system enters sleep mode to conserve battery power.

Battery life can exceed 30 days when the system is in sleep mode. Where vehicles are unused for longer periods, The NGVG3 design allows the user to change out flat batteries. A separate mains operated battery charger is available to keep spare batteries charged.

The NGVG3 can be put into operational mode after being in sleep mode by simply pressing the front panel located ‘power reset’ button. The NGVG3 will allow the gas sensor to warm up before taking readings, once stable readings are available the solenoid operated engine shutdown valve will be energized to allow the engine to be started.

The solenoid operated engine shutdown valve is typically connected within the host engine pneumatic emergency shutdown system.

The NGVG3 can be operated from nominal 12 and 24-volt alternators, allowing convenient interchange between all vehicles with the fleet.

The NGVG3 can provide a switched power output to power a warning strobe whenever the vehicle engine is operating.