Embedded Telephone Kit

Embedded Hands Free Telephone Kit


  • SMART Analogue, VoIP-SIP and GSM options
  • Vandal Resistant Metal Buttons
  • Hands free operation
  • Robust and weather resistant: Up to IP65
  • One, two or three button autodial options with remote programming
  • Optional Induction Loop facility for hearing impaired
  • All electronics housed in an IP65 rated sealed box
  • Speaker, microphone, buttons and LED can be remotely mounted
  • Audio-visual ring indication


Austdac offers a flexible voice communications kit over Analogue, SIP and GSM to embed into your products, providing excellent voice communications. This kit presents open protocols that interface seamlessly into many existing systems.

Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED and audible warble tone.

SMART Analogue
Self Monitoring And Reporting Telephone can be integrated with GAI-Tronics’ TMA monitoring and maintenance software. SMART gives advanced features including remote programming, fault monitoring and call logging, all from a linepowered telephone capable of operating up to 7km from the exchange on a two-wire cable.

Voice over IP (SIP protocol)
GAI-Tronics VoIP-SIP telephones support Power over Ethernet (PoE) to combine power and connection to LAN or WAN. GAI-Tronics telephones now feature a secondary RJ45 port which allows two or more telephones to be connected in series*. GAI-Tronics VoIP-SIP phones offer a wealth of additional features including real-time reporting via Syslog, and can be configured by web browser.

The GSM version is quad band, accepts a standard 2G SIM card and is supplied with a rugged antenna which can be sited up to 3m away if required, using the cable provided.

Typical Applications: lifts, escalators, ticket machines and door or gate entry systems.