Strobe MFLA4

Austdac Strobe MFLA4


The strobe type MFLA4 is a small LED based self-flashing strobe designed for general alarm annunciation applications in non-hazardous areas such as overland conveyors. These applications include visual warning alarms, visual pre-start alarms, out of range process alarms and enunciators.

The MFLA4 is completely encapsulated within the lens body providing improved ingress protection and impact resistance.

The strobe is available in the five colours red, green, yellow, blue and white. This allows the user to select a colour best suited for the application. The MFLA4 is primarily designed for low power applications.

The strobe may be mounted on any free surface such as a sheet metal enclosure, using two M3 mounting studs. A gasket is supplied with the MFLA4 to provide IP66 ingress protection for the host enclosure.