Silbus Termination Unit

Austdac Silbus Termination Unit SILBUS-OAS1-BEG & -END


The SILBUS termination unit type SILBUS-OAS1-XXX is an explosion protected DIN railmounting module that is used to provide a SILBUS network termination, SILBUS test points and head-end lightning protection.

Typically a termination unit is required at both ends of a SILBUS network or transmission line to help stop reflections and ringing in the SILBUS waveform.

The SILBUS-OAS1-XXX is produced in two versions, the SILBUS-OAS1-BEG for the head-end and the SILBUS-OAS1-END for the tail-end of the SILBUS network.

The SILBUS-OAS1-BEG provides network termination, test facilities as well as lightning protection for head-end control panels while the SILBUS-OAS1-END only provides network termination and test facilities.

The termination unit is housed within a DIN rail mounting enclosure measuring 45mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D).

The front panel is located between the two top of enclosure mounted terminal blocks to provide easy access to the two test points.