Silbus Sub1

Austdac Silbus Sub1



The SILBUS-SUB1 is a communication bridge between the SILBUS, Modbus and TCP/IP networks. It provides various interfaces such as SILBUS, Console interface over TTL UART and TCP/IP, Modbus interface over RS485 and TCP/IP and web interface over TCP/IP. The SILBUS-SUB1 supports TCP/IP interface over Ethernet and Wi-Fi both.

The SILBUS Universal Bridge type SILBUS-SUB1 is part of explosion-protected DIN rail mounting modules family that transmit to and receive from an Austdac SILBUS field bus network.

The SILBUS Universal Bridge type SILBUS-SUB1 is a self-contained DIN rail mounted unit that measures 100 mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D).



  • SILBUS control and monitoring applications such as gas monitoring and on conveyor and longwall installations.
  • Interface between PLC and SILBUS via Modbus  (RS-485)
  • TCP/IP TO RS485 Modbus bridge
  • SILBUS TO TCP/IP Web bridge