Silbus Repeater

Austdac Silbus Repeater SILBUS-A2WCCT2


The SILBUS repeater type SILBUS-A2WCCT2 is an explosion protected DIN rail-mounting module that is used to increase the distance in a Dupline or SILBUS network.

The repeater can also be used as a ‘power booster’ in a section of a network that has many line powered field devices connected to the network. The repeater may also be useful in attaching a long stub to a network and limiting the effects of reflections.

The repeater takes the SILBUS pulse train from the primary network and reconstitutes the signal as the secondary network. The primary network contains the host controller or channel generator.

The primary and secondary ports of the repeater are electrically independent or galvanically isolated from each other. This isolation allows the SILBUS-A2WCCT2 to provide many simple and highly effective solutions when used in installations involving intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe SILBUS networks.

The repeater is housed within a DIN rail mounting enclosure measuring 100mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D). The front panel is located between the two top of enclosure mounted terminal blocks to provide a clear view of the operation indicating LED’s. Two yellow LED’s are provided to indicate the status of the primary and secondary networks. A third LED is provided to indicate the status of the secondary network power input port.