Silbus Network Monitor

Austdac Silbus Network Monitor SILBUS-SNM1


The SILBUS Network Monitors is part of a family of explosion protected DIN rail mounting modules that transmit to an Austdac SILBUS field bus network.

There are two variants of the SILBUS-SNM1, the SNM1-ELD (Earth Leakage Detection) and the SILBUS-SNM1-EOL (End of Line):

The SILBUS-SNM1-ELD is design to be placed at the front end of SILBUS conveyor system to monitor earth leakage between SILBUS signal and SILBUS common to earth. The monitored values are voltage and resistance values. The voltage readings mimic those obtained when the line voltages are measured using an analogue multimeter such as the University Multitester CTY-500-MA.

The SILBUS-SNM1-EOL is design to be placed at end of SILBUS conveyor system to monitor SILBUS voltage, slew rate and reflection on a defined un-used channel.

The SILBUS-SNM1-ELD and SILBUS-SNM1-EOL units can transmit monitored values on one to six independent valid SILBUS channel depending on amount information required to log.

The SILBUS Network Monitor is housed within a DIN rail mounting enclosure measuring 45mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D). The front panel is located between the two top of enclosure mounted terminal blocks to provide a clear view of the operation indicating LED. A single LED is provided to show SILBUS network status.

The SILBUS-SNM1 can be quickly and simply configured using a laptop computer running Hyper Terminal and a MEAN1 programming adaptor. The network monitor values can be programmed to any SILBUS channel address.