Silbus Two Channel Frequency Transmitter

Austdac Silbus 2 Channel Frequency Transmitter SILBUS-TX2F


The two channel frequency transmitter is part of a family of explosion protected DIN rail mounting modules that transmit to and receive from an Austdac SILBUS field bus network. The SILBUS-TX2F can transmit up to two frequency or pulse signals on two independent valid SILBUS channels.

The two frequency or pulse inputs are designed to work with galvanically isolated voltage free contacts within the sensing device such as an Austdac Anemometer type AGD1. This makes the SILBUS-TX2F particularly suited to monitoring ventilation air flow via the SILBUS network without any requirements for additional power.

The transmitter is housed within a DIN rail mounting enclosure measuring 45mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D). The front panel is located between the two top of enclosure
mounted terminal blocks to provide a clear view of the operation indicating LED’s. Three LED’s are provided to show input channel status and SILBUS network status.

The SILBUS-TX2T can be quickly and simply configured using a laptop computer running Hyper Terminal and a small plug in programming adaptor. Each frequency input can be independently programmed to any SILBUS channel address. Each frequency input can also have it’s under range, hysteresis, digital fault channels and transmission protocol configured by the user.