Silbus Eight Channel Transmitter

Austdac Silbus Eight Channel Transmitter SILBUS8163


  • Low power consumption
  • Small size
  • Programmable address

The eight-channel digital transmitter type SILBUS8163 is a small line powered SILBUS transmitter capable of transmitting the status of eight voltage free contacts.

The SILBUS8163 is designed for sensing the status of remote voltage free contacts such as emergency stop, pullkey, belt wander, belt rip and blocked chute switches on long conveyors to name but a few.

The transmitter is line powered from the two-wire SILBUS network cable that reduces installation and cabling costs.

The applications of the SILBUS8163 are not limited to conveyor installations but include any situation where the status of a remote switch contact or relay contact is required to be monitored.

Because of its low power consumption many eight channel digital transmitters type SILBUS8163 can be connected to a SILBUS network.

The SILBUS8163 can be conveniently configured to any valid SILBUS channel using the battery powered programmer type GAP1605.

The SILBUS8163 eight channel digital transmitter is provided with either a connector and flying leads to allow direct wiring within the panel or switch compartment where the switch contact is located or a convenient DIN rail mounting parking station with screw clamp terminals. The SILBUS8163 can be easily unplugged to allow easy movement and programming during system reconfigurations such as belt extensions or retractions.

The eight channel digital transmitter type SILBUS8163 has been verified as being a SIL2 digital transmitter for use in conveyor emergency stop and remote isolation applications.