Silbus 4 Channel Digital Receiver

Austdac Silbus 4 Channel Digital Receiver SILBUS-RX4D


The four channel digital receiver is part of a family of explosion protected DIN rail mounting modules that transmit to and receive from an Austdac SILBUS field bus network. The SILBUS-RX4D can receive from just a few through to many digital ON/OFF signal from a SILBUS network to control the four relay outputs directly or via complex multi-term logic functions. The digital receiver has four output relays controlled by up to six logic resolvers capable of implementing OR, AND, NOR, NAND, FLIP and S-AND logic functions. Each resolver has an independently configurable output ON and OFF delay filter to allow implementation of simple timer functions.

The four digital outputs are galvanically isolated from each other, from the power supply port and the SILBUS network port. This isolation allows the SILBUS-RX4D to provide many simple and highly effective solutions when used in installations involving intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe circuits.

The four channel digital receiver is available in two output contact power switching variants to cover all applications of the receiver. The two variants are the SILBUS-RX4D-L for low power switching applications and the SILBUS-RX4D-H for high power switching applications. See the specifications section for actual switching capacities. For the
remainder of the manual the generic SILBUS-RX4D will be used instead of two individual types.

The receiver is housed within a DIN rail mounting enclosure measuring 100mm (W) x 75mm (H) x 110mm (D). The front panel is located between the two top of enclosure mounted terminal blocks to provide a clear view of the operation indicating LED’s. Four LED’s, one for each channel, are provided to indicate the status of each of the output relays. A further two LED’s are provided to show power and SILBUS network status.

The SILBUS-RX4D can be quickly and simply configured using a laptop computer running Hyper Terminal and a small plug in programming adaptor. Each digital output can be independently programmed to any SILBUS channel address. Each digital input can also have it’s de-bounce timer independently programmed between 500mS and 20S in 100mS increments.