Air Speed Monitor 2

Austdac Air Speed Monitor 2


  • Air speed measurements in harsh conditions
  • 0.5m/s to 30m/s range
  • Two channel frequency input
  • Over or under range trip points
  • Analogue data output

The Austdac Air Speed Monitor, Type AASM1, is used to measure wind speed primarily in mining situations. The AASM1 comes in two parts, the Air Speed Monitor 1 Anemometer, Type SCGR1 and the 2 Channel Frequency Transmitter, Type SILBUS-TX2F.

The SCGR1 measures the air speed while the SILBUS-TX2F processes that information and can activate relays, strobes or transmit the information via SILBUS.

The AASM1 has three trip levels:

  • Warning 1
  • Warning 2
  • Trip

These points can drive a relay contact and/or a flashing strobe. The wind speed can be monitored via three protocols:

  • 4-20mA
  • Modbus RS-485