Directional Indicator Cone



  • Distinctive yellow
  • Suitable for 6mm or 10mm lifeline
  • FRAS Polyurethane
  • Easy to install

The directional indicator cones types DIR-IND and DIR-IND10 can be fitted to any lifeline or cable to provide a tactile and visual indication of the correct travel direction to Self Rescuer or C.A.B.E. caches, safe locations or a mine exit.
The cone shape provides tactile indication of correct direction of travel to underground staff walking the lifeline in total darkness, smoke or dust haze.

The DIR-IND is suitable for fitting to 6mm diameter lifelines, while the DIR-IND10 is suitable for use on electrical cables or ropes of 10mm diameter.

The distinctive yellow colour attracts attention during normal visibility so that underground staff is aware of the presence of a nearby lifeline.

The directional cone can be fitted to a lifeline or cable by simply opening the longitudinal slit, placing the

cone on the lifeline and letting the slit close around the lifeline or cable.

The directional cones should be placed at a maximum of 20m intervals on the lifeline or cable.

The cones are manufactured from fire resistant anti-static (FRAS) polyurethane to reduce toxicity during a fire.