Roadside Flasher MFLA2

Austdac Roadside Flasher


The roadside flasher type MFLA2 is a portable explosion protected Ex ia LED based self-flashing lantern designed for general hazard identification in underground coalmines.

The high power large footprint magnetic base makes it easy to attach the flasher to unserviceable vehicles or other underground roadway hazards. The MFLA2 may be mounted in any orientation.

The MFLA2 flasher will continue to flash until it is switched off, but will operate continuously for six months on the one set of batteries.

The flasher is available in the five colours red, green, yellow, blue and white. This allows the user to select a colour best suited for the application.

The unit may optionally be provided with a carry handle to allow it to hang from a hook. Alternatively the holes to the protective lens hood can be used to insert ‘S’ hooks to mount the MFLA2.

The MFLA2 may also be provided with an attached control lead to allow the flasher to be controlled by a set of voltage free contacts such as those on a pressure or level switch. This external control allows the MFLA2 to be used in ‘non-powered’ alarm and warning annunciation applications throughout an underground mine.

A push-on push-off switch located in the top of the lens controls the roadside flasher.


The Roadside flasher type MFLA2-FF-CC is IECEx certified for use in group I hazardous areas under certificate IECEx ITA 07.0013X Ex ia I IP66.

The Roadside flasher type MFLA2-FF-CC is ATEX approved under certificate Nemko 08ATEX1325X and also MSHA approved under MSHA 18-080010-0.