I.S Intercom – ABMA4

Austdac Intrinsically Safe Intercom - ABMA4


  • Provides audio communications under harsh conditions
  • Pre-start alarm function
  • Battery backed operation
  • Ruggedised microphone
  • Graphics display

The intercom type ABMA4 provides the audio communications and pre-start alarm sounding facilities of the PSACS1 system. Intercoms are distributed along the conveyor at fixed distances apart to provide complete sound coverage along the conveyor. During a pre-start sequence the intercom sounds the pre-start alarm through its two sideways facing speakers. These same speakers and the front panel mounted microphone are used to carry out a half duplex voice conversation with other intercoms on the conveyor or a surface located BMA exchange operator.

Up to 40 ABMA4 intercoms can be placed along a conveyor, along with a pre-start alarm controller type APSA2 and a tail end unit type TEU100. This adds the ability to issue an audible pre-start alarm along the entire length of the conveyor. The intercom can be type ABMA3 or ABMA4 or a combination of both.