Power Supply

Austdac Intrinsically Safe Power Supply AC36W


Power Supply Type AC36W is an intrinsically safe power supply that has a nominal output voltage of 12 volts DC and an output current of up to 3A or 16V DC and an output current of up to 1A. The AC36W is an active power supply. The type AC36W is suitable for use in Group I and IIB applications. The AC36W power supply may be used to power intrinsically safe apparatus located in zone 0, 1 or 2.

The AC36W power supply can be powered from a nominal 100V or 240V AC power source to suit most applications in underground coalmines. The output of the power supply is galvanic isolated from the mains input and earth.The AC36W is designed to be located in a safe area or within a minimum IP55 enclosure capable of provide mechanical protection to the AC36W. The AC36W has an IP55 ingress protection rating excluding the input and output connectors.


The Power Supply Type AC36W is IECEx certified for use in Group I and IIB hazardous areas under certificate IECEx MSC 13.0001X. Marking Ex eb ma [ia Ma] I Mb and Ex eb ma [ia Ga] IIB Gb T4.

MSHA Compliant


Dimensions : 95mm (120mm including terminals) H x 76mm D x 215mm W