Lighting Junction Box LJB1

Austdac Intrinsically Safe Lighting Junction Box LJB1


The intrinsically safe junction box type LJB1 is part of the Austdac area lighting system type LLS1 that is designed to provide plant and area illumination in underground coal mines. The LJB1 finds application on longwalls, around load centres and on machinery such as road headers, continuous miners and roof bolters for general area illumination.

The LJB1 junction box provides a convenient method of connecting up to four LED luminaires type SS11-6L to a single power supply such as the Austdac AC36W.

The junction box is provided with one two-pin input connector for connection to the power source and four six-pin connectors for connection to up to four luminaires type SS11-6L. The use of connectors in the LED lighting system allows for convenient fast installation and tear down during longwall moves.

The lighting junction box type LBJ1 is certified intrinsically safe as either Ex ib I Mb for power systems that are shut down in mine ‘gassed out’ situations or Ex ia I Ma for situations where area lighting is required during mine ‘gassed out’ situations such as self rescuer caches. The perfect power source would then be the Austdac uninterruptable power supply type 12/NMH/288.

The junction box and connectors are ingress protected to IP56 allowing the system to be washed down when required.