Vortex Air/Gas Flow Sensor TX5920 Series

Insertion Vortex Gas Flow Sensor TX5920 Series


  • Available in three standard formats;
  • The rear projecting sensor TX5921 is easily fitted onto ventilation ducts or pipes using the wide range of mounting hardware available.
  • It is also good for roadways and open areas where horizontal mounting is preferred.
  • TX5922 has a side projecting sensor which can be used in open areas where a vertical mounting arrangement is preferred.
  • Sometimes mounting space is limited so version TX5923 comes with a flexible armoured conduit connection for remote sensor connection.


Flow Sensing Range: 0.5m/s upto 30m/s
Linearity: ± 1%
Output Signal Options: 0.4…2V • 4…20mA • 5…15Hz
Supply Voltage: 12V dc
Ambient Temperature Limits:      -15°C…150°C
Protection Classification: Dust and waterproof to IP65
Dimensions: H174 x W220 x D328
Information Display: 17 character dot matrix LCD
Conformity: This product is certified for use in hazardous areas in mining and industrial applications.


  • Tunnelling
  • Pipelines
  • Roadways
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Mining
  • Process Industries