Toxic Gas Detector TX6373

Toxic Gas Detector TX6373


Please note this product is still serviced and supported by Trolex but has been replaced by the TX6351/6352 Sentro1 Gas Detector

  • Fixed gas detection for point source hazards and perimeter protection in arduous duty and exposed locations.
  • High accuracy electrochemical gas sensing elements. Available with a choice of analogue output signals:- 4...20mA • 0.4...2V • 5...15Hz.
  • Signal fix during calibration to prevent false alarms and the main circuit module inside the sensor housing can be removed from the housing for maintenance purposes.
  • Quick change plug-in pre-calibrated gas sensing module.
  • Special versions are available with waterproof plug and socket connectors.


Sensing Ranges: Carbon Monoxide 0…50ppm
  Hydrogen Sulphide 0…50ppm
  Sulphur Dioxide 0…20ppm
  Nitrogen Dioxide 0…20ppm
  Chlorine 0…10ppm
  Oxygen 0…25%
  Nitric Oxide 0…100ppm
  Hydrogen 0…1000ppm
Linearity: ± 2%  
Output Signal Options: 0.4…2V • 4…20mA • 5..15Hz  
Supply Voltage: 12V dc  
Ambient Temperature Limits: -10°C…50°C  
Humidity: 90% RH non-condensing  
Protection Classification: Dust & waterproof to IP66.  
  Gas inlet port to IP54  
Nett Weight: 450g  
Dimensions: 197H x 110H x 63D  
Information Display: Graphic LCD  
Conformity: This product is certified for use in hazardous areas in mining and industrial applications.


  • Petrochemical Processing
  • Mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Manufacturing and Process Plants
  • Storage Areas and Warehousing
  • Water Management and Sewage Treatment