BMA-Silbus/Power/Strobe Cable



Cable type A03; part number G2000B is designed for PSACS1 pre-start intercom systems that may require SILBUS networks, strobe control or general power distribution in the same cable. The cable provides power to the BMA's via the 4mm2 pair, BMA communication in the red-yellow 1mm2 pair and SILBUS/Dupline, strobe control or general power distribution in the green-white 1mm2 pair.

The BMA-SILBUS cable consists of three main elements, an unscreened 4mm2 twisted pair and two screened 1mm2 twisted pairs.

The 4mm2 pair is made up of 56 strands of 0.3mm tinned copper wire while the 1mm2 pairs are made up of 32 strands of 0.2mm tinned copper wire to provide maximum strength and flexibility. All conductors are insulated with PVC

The 1mm2 pairs are screened using a foil tape and a 7/0.25 TC drain conductor.

The outer sheath is constructed from HI-FLEX flame retardant PVC and is coloured blue.

This cable has particularly good L/R ratios despite the large CSA of the conductors.

Every batch of Austdac cable is quality controlled, inspected and tested to ensure that the specified Exi electrical parameters Cc, Lc and Lc/Rc are not exceeded and within tolerance.

This gives our customer’s confidence in the safety of their network installations knowing that any IEC/AS/NZS 60079-25 installation assessment is using reliable and safe cable data.


Bending radius   100mm min
Temperature   -20ºC to +60ºC