Quick Exhaust Valve

Austdac Quick Exhaust Valve VSC588


The quick exhaust valve type VSC588 is a companion valve for the Austdac solenoid valve VALVE01 it allows for greater flow rates when trying to evacuate a cylinder or diesel engine emergency stop manifold.

The quick exhaust valve has three ports the same as the Austdac solenoid valve 6014 with solenoid coil type AC10-Z3-6-PD94 fitted. The ports of the two valves are connected with a common Pressure port (P) for both valves, a common exhaust port (R) for both valves and a common actuate port (A) for both valves.

The quick exhaust valve can enhance the maximum flow rate of the 6014 valve + AC10-Z3-6-PD94 solenoid coil from 30L/minute to a minimum 500L/minute.

The quick exhaust valve finds applications in underground vehicles to provide emergency diesel engine shutdown or in general pneumatic control of these vehicles or in fixed situations such as longwalls and gas monitoring systems.