Intrinsically Safe Led Light

Austdac Intrinsically Safe LED Light SS11-6L


  • The Austdac Intrinsically Safe LED lighting system has been designed to be used in an underground hazardous area. It is particularly applicable to longwall installations.
  • LED lighting provides greater light output than fluorescent lighting with increased reliability and robustness.
  • The LED lighting system consists of an Austdac Power Supply, Junction Box and 4 LED Light Heads.

Light Head

  • The LED light head contains 6 high efficiency LEDs mounted in an IP66 anti-static plastic moulding. The LEDs are fitted in a reflector to help maximise light output.
  • Each LED light head is fitted with a cable and an IP66 connector for ease of installation and service.
  • The LED light head has a backing plate fitted with magnets for easy installation onto any metallic structure as well as bolt mounting holes for fitting onto non-metallic structures.
  • 6 CREE Cool white LED in the colour range 5000-6700K.
  • Luminance 20lx (at 2m)
  • Beam Angle 90 degrees
  • Colour Temperature 5000 – 6700K
  • Dimensions 360 x 109 x 20mm
  • Mass 850g